The company's main products: barbell series, dumbbell series, multi-functional supine board, sports small parts series, etc. The products are exported to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and other regions.


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Dumbbell is a simple equipment used for muscle strength training. Its main material is cast iron, and some are covered with rubber.
It is used for muscle strength training and muscle compound action training. For patients with low muscle strength due to paralysis, pain, and long-term inactivity, hold the dumbbell, and use the weight of the dumbbell to exercise actively against resistance to train muscle strength.
Dumbbell can train single muscle; If the weight is increased, it requires the coordination of multiple muscles, which can also be used as a muscle compound action training.
An auxiliary device for weight lifting and fitness exercises. There are two kinds of fixed weight and adjustable weight. ① Fixed weight dumbbells. It is made of pig iron, with iron bars in the middle and solid balls at both ends. ② Adjustable dumbbells. Similar to a reduced barbell, round iron pieces with different weights are sheathed on both ends of the short iron bar, which is about 40-45cm long. Weight can be increased or decreased during weight lifting or fitness exercises. Doing dumbbell exercises regularly can strengthen the muscle strength of various parts of the body.
In addition to iron dumbbells, there are dumbbells made of wood or plastic. When practicing, use the knocking sound of wooden dumbbells or plastic dumbbells to cultivate the coordination and sense of rhythm of practitioners. You can also weave wooden dumbbells into a complete set of gymnastic movements.



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